35 Best Kalimba Youtube Channels You Must Follow

Whether you are just learning how to play the kalimba, or if you are a more experienced player, there are still so many things you can learn. 

I created a list of YouTube channels that you must follow! These channels give great insight into this incredible instrument. You’ll be able to find tabs to popular (and less popular) songs, and you might learn something new and useful. 

If you did a bit of research you are probably already familiar with some of the entries on the list. 

April Yang

April Yang is the name in the kalimba world and she is one of the most incredible players you will find. While she often experiments with other instruments, kalimba is her main one. 

On this channel, you’ll be able to find incredible covers, and hear how beautiful kalimba can be. While entries on this list are in no particular order, April Yang deserves to be on top of it anyway. 

Each of the videos on this channel is incredible. Both audio and video quality are out of this world, and you will have so much fun exploring the videos. April Yang is without a doubt one of the best kalimba players you’ll find!

Karina Javier

The next channel on the list you should definitely follow is Karina Javier. She is a great artist and you’ll often get tabs as well to help you learn the song. 

While there aren’t many videos on this channel, you should check the ones that are uploaded. The channel is great for relaxation and it has an almost meditating effect. 


KalimbaCam is everything you’ll need from a YouTube channel. It has everything from kalimba reviews, to useful tips and beautiful covers. 

The channel also covers some techniques and lessons that might help you along the way. You can also check videos with Ktabs that will make your practice and learning a lot easier. 

Ipida Sound

If you love kalimba and cats, you will adore this channel. Ipida Sound focuses on covering popular songs, and the sound of the thumb piano is incredible. 

But besides the sound quality, almost every video is accompanied by the cat! Join the lovely kitty and check out songs on Ipida Sound. You’ll find everything from the Beatles to Billie Eilish. 

Kalimba Tree

One of the main qualities of Kalimba Tree is production. Each song sounds unique and kalimba is followed by a backing track that really adds that special something to songs. 

When it comes to songs there is almost everything. Do you like Ariana Grande? Beethoven? Kalimba Tree got you! There are so many different songs available, and finding the one you want to learn next will be a tough choice. 

One of the exciting things about each video is the change of scenery, and you’ll get a chance to see beautiful locations for each song. 

Sandrah Araja

If you are looking for great and fun songs to play, Sandrah Araja channel might be perfect for you. Here, you will find covers of popular Disney songs, pop, classic, and many others. 

What is best about this channel is that you will get tabs as well, so you can learn how to play these songs by yourself. With each recording, Sandrah Araja managed to capture the essence of kalimba, and the instruments sound so good regardless of the song you pick. 

Simple Kalimba

Simple Kalimba covers movie songs, memes, pop, and many other things you might enjoy. You will also get ktabs which will make it easier for you to learn something new. 

It is a great channel and one you should definitely check out. While some of the songs might be unfamiliar to you, there is a chance that you’ll fall in love with them. 

The channel also offers tabs for beginners, so if you never had experience with playing the thumb piano, this is a great starting point. 

Y Kalimba

Y Kalimba is, without a doubt, one of the finest channels on YouTube when it comes to kalimba. The entire channel is dedicated to helping you learn more songs and each cover offers incredible and visual tabs. 

It’s beautifully designed and you’ll get everything you need to become a great kalimba player. Instead of regular, traditional ktabs, you will get a visual representation of the kalimba, and you’ll be able to see which notes you need to pluck. 

Regardless of your skill level, Y Kalimba is one of the easiest ways to learn new songs and improve your technique and playstyle. 

Kalimba Academy

Kalimba Academy offers amazing covers and songs usually have backing tracks as well. It is a perfect opportunity to hear how great kalimba can sound combined with other instruments. 

Besides well-known pop songs, you will get a chance to learn some new you probably never heard before. Naturally, there are songs that feature only kalimba, and you can enjoy listening to them as well. 

Silvita_Kalimba & Vicente_Guitar

Vicente and Silvita made a beautiful channel that is filled with amazing videos you should check. In their songs, Vicente plays the guitar, while Silvita is on the kalimba. 

Each song is charming and has that special something that makes this channel worth checking out. 

One of the great examples of the quality of the channel is The Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel played on two kalimbas that sounds really magical!

Tip’s Kalimba

As you can probably guess by the name of the channel, here, you will find a lot of useful tips. Naturally, there are numerous songs as well, but the main focus is something you won’t find on many channels. 

Whether you are looking to know more about theory, techniques, or about instruments themselves, Tip’s Kalimba is here for you and they have answers to many of your questions. 


Even though Sammie doesn’t have millions of videos on the channel, the ones that are uploaded are worth checking out, especially if you are a fan of the Legend of Zelda series. 

There is something magical about the way these songs sound, and you’ll get a chance to learn them if you check this channel out. 

Fai Kalimba

If you love TV shows and kalimba, this channel is something you should check. Fai Kalimba does incredible covers of popular songs. 

She also does a great job of recording so you can see everything with two cameras. But even if you miss something, you’ll still get tabs and details about tunings and songs. 

Kalimba Lullaby

Kalimba Lullaby is a great channel if you are looking to enjoy listening to amazing movie and TV show themes. You can find themes from the Witcher, Pocahontas, Final Fantasy, and many many others. 

The sound quality is good, and you’ll be able to see everything so there won’t be any issues if you want to learn some of these songs by yourself. 


Another incredible channel you should check is Nadliiw. Here, you will get a chance to hear popular songs, as well as some of the lesser-known songs too. 

The majority of covers you can hear are followed by ktabs, so you won’t have any problems learning how to play the song. The sound quality is quite good, and it’s something you shouldn’t miss if you are into kalimba. 

LC Kalimba

LC Kalimba offers a couple of great videos for beginners. While there aren’t as many as on other channels, the ones that are uploaded are worth your attention. They cover some of the basics that you should learn. 

There is a video that will help you tune your instrument, as well as how to learn tablatures for kalimba. All in all, it is a decent channel that can be useful for beginner players. 

Flow Music Kalimba

Flow Music Kalimba focuses on learning, and each song you’ll find here has visual tablatures as well as music notation. 

All songs covered on this channel are from Original Soundtracks for movies, video games, and there are a couple of popular songs that you might want to learn to play. 

Even if you never had experience playing kalimba before, tabs are so well done that you won’t have any problems learning songs. 

Yoon Soup

Similarly to some other channels on the list, Yoon Soup covers popular songs as well as others you might not be familiar with. 

Videos are either using ktabs to demonstrate the song, or there is a video where you can see what notes to play and how to learn the song. 

The repertoire offers popular songs and soundtracks that you might enjoy. 

Misa/Kalimba Music

Misa/Kalimba Music is a great channel if you are looking for something different. While most of the channels on this list cover popular songs, here you will find a new and unique approach to kalimba. 

Each song is beautiful and you can learn so much from these videos. Needless to say, the quality of videos is perfect, and you can easily learn how to play songs even if there are no tabs or lessons. 

Patricia Mae D. Tan

All of the videos Patricia recorded are a little piece of art, and you will miss a lot if you don’t check them out. You can also find songs on kalimba with or without a resonating box, which gives you a nice idea of the difference between the two instruments. 

While there are no lessons available on the channel, you can see everything, and even if you can’t there are tabs available for almost every song. 

Eva Auner

Eva did an incredible job with her videos, and here, you will find songs and techniques not available anywhere else. If you still doubt that that is possible, you should know that you can find Linkin Park and System of a Down on this channel! 

The quality of videos is astonishing, and some songs are even played on two instruments to add more depth and soul to each cover. And if this is not enough, there is a second channel that offers exclusively tabs for kalimba. 

Eva Auner is one of the most unique and incredible musicians you will find online.

Kalimba Tutorials

If you want to learn how to play kalimba, Kalimba Tutorials is one of the best channels available online. Each of the videos is a video tabs for the thumb piano, and you will find so many different songs, genres, and covers. 

One of the finest additions to the channel is having a difficulty level for each song. This way, you can easily find something that’s easy or for beginners, or go straight to difficult songs if you already have a lot of experience with kalimba. 

Gecko Cajon & Kalimba

As you can probably guess from the channel’s name, it is not exclusively created for kalimba. However, you will be able to check out the differences between models, types, and almost anything else related to kalimba. 

There are also many different performances and covers you can enjoy as well. So, whether you are looking for some beautiful and relaxing music, or want to learn more about the thumb piano, Gecko Cajon & Kalimba probably have a perfect thing for you. 

Momoko Kalimba 모모코칼림바

Ever wondered how acrylic kalimba sounds? Want to hear beautiful cover songs? Momoko Kalimba might be a perfect choice for you. 

You will find popular songs with tabs, as well as incredible relaxing videos that can last for well over an hour! 

The channel is great for anyone who wants to learn how to play some songs, but for those who just wish to hear beautiful performances and enjoy listening to this amazing instrument. 

Amalia Guo

Amalia Guo created a channel dedicated to music and art. Here, you will find everything from lessons to useful tips you might like. You can also check a variety of different kalimbas, techniques, and playstyles.

Each song sounds gorgeous and professional and there is no doubt that you will find many enjoyable videos. The songs available on this channel vary from popular songs to classical music, so there is no doubt that you’ll find something for you. 


Kalimba Magic has been a go-to website for many players. If there is information that you need, Kalimba Magic probably has it. 

It is undoubtedly one of the best channels dedicated to this beautiful instrument, and it is filled with amazing tips, techniques, and tricks you might incorporate into your playing. 

If you want to learn more about tunings, tablatures, or anything else about kalimba, Kalimbamagic is the place to go. 

Tonton Kalimba

Tonton Kalimba is among the best channels if you are looking for OST covers for kalimba. There are so many great songs available that you will have a difficult time picking which one you’ll learn next.

If you love Disney movies, there is an entire playlist dedicated to famous songs from these movies, and you can find videos with lessons and tabs as well. The channel also offers a couple of reviews so you’ll have all the information you’ll need to upgrade your technique and playstyle. 

Friska Ganadhi

Friska Ganadhi created a great channel for all the kalimba lovers out there, and you should check it out as soon as possible. 

She covers popular songs, and each of them is beautifully recorded so you won’t have any trouble seeing the notes you need to play. 

You can also download tabs for almost every song, which will make learning even easier. If you love kalimba, there is no doubt that you’ll enjoy each and every video on this channel. 

Kalimba Alice

Kalimba Alice is a great way to expand your views and learn something new. The songs on this channel are incredible and there is no doubt that each song is recorded with a lot of heart and passion. 

While you might think that the language barrier might be a problem, the reality is quite different. You will enjoy every second of each video, and you will learn so many beautiful songs in no time. Kalimba 

Alice offers incredible versions of popular songs like the Beatles, and you can add a bit of Christmas spirit today! The channel is so enjoyable and beautiful that it will put a smile on your face after just a couple of seconds. 

피나타Pinnata’s Kalimba

Whether you choose to check out the tablature videos, or some of the performances, you will have a great time. Pinnata’s Kalimba is artistic, beautiful, and charming. Regardless of the song you pick, you will notice how good kalimba can sound in the right hands. 

There are covers of famous songs, Disney covers we all love, and so much more. What is great is that every song is followed by tabs so you can learn how to play it by yourself. 

Ling Ting

The entire channel is dedicated to beautiful covers and performances and each will leave you speechless. While kalimba is the main focus of the channel, you can still find performances and covers on different instruments like ukulele. 

There is something almost magical about kalimba, and each video here is so charming and passionate that you can easily spend hours listening to the beautiful music and covers. Ling Ting’s channel is one of the great examples of how incredible music can be.

Kalimba Tutorial Ph

Even though this isn’t the channel with the most videos, the ones that are uploaded are worth checking out. 

The covers are great for beginners, and you can easily see which notes you’ll need to play if you want to learn them. There are also a couple of guides that can be rather useful, and songs that you might enjoy. 

RM Kalimba Journey

RM Kalimba Journey focuses on covers and OSTs, and it’s great for both beginners and more experienced players. 

Here, you will find a couple of tutorials that will get you started, and they are quite good. You can also find both classical music and pop songs, so there is something for everyone. 

Rong Rong

If you love classical music, you will adore this channel. The first three songs you’ll notice are by Chopin, Brahms, and Tchaikovsky! 

But the Rong Rong channel is not solely focused on classical music, and you can find other genres as well. For all of you who love Queen, there is a great tutorial for the Bohemian Rhapsody, and you will find tablatures for other popular songs as well. 

While some of the songs on the list are a bit more complex, you can also find ones for beginners. If you love kalimba and want to learn more, this channel is great for all skill levels, and there is no doubt that you’ll be able to learn something new and exciting. 

Qoopkk 22

The final entry on the list is Qoopkk 22. The channel is dedicated to kalimba tabs, and there are quite a lot of songs you can learn. Unlike other channels that managed to create more visual and graphic tabs, here, you will have regular ktabs for each song. 

This is a perfect opportunity to improve your playing and to learn how to read ktabs with ease. Among the songs on this channel, you’ll find ones from Queen, Bach, and many beautiful songs from movies and TV shows. 

This is a great way to improve your technique and learn new and fun songs on the kalimba. 


Kalimba is an incredible instrument, and there is no doubt that we will have more and more channels dedicated to it. Each day more and more people are discovering this instrument, they are learning how to play it and improving their skills. 

YouTube is a great way of discovering beautiful music, and here, we covered one of the best channels you can find that have the thumb piano as a focus. Hopefully, more people will join the club and start creating incredible music. 

Of course, it is not possible to mention all of the amazing musicians that play this African instrument, but these are the channels that you should check out if you can. You will be able to learn so much more, and with enough practice, you can easily improve your skills. 

Who knows, maybe some of these beautiful people inspire you to create your own channel dedicated to kalimba.

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